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An Active God

Dr. Ben Carson is a world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He is known for his surgeries separating twins joined at the head. His autobiography, Gifted Hands, is an exciting story. The surprising thing, for many readers,

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It is humbling to write a blog about letting God’s love fill your life.  The obvious question is “Who do you think you are to write on a subject like this?” It’s simple – I have to think, pray and

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Necessary Evil

The oldest dilemma in theology is the question, “If God is all good and all-powerful, how can there be evil in the world?” The formal term for this is theodicy. I certainly don’t plan to offer a definitive answer, but

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The Pianist and the Child

A young mother took her child to a concert by a famous pianist. Near the end of the intermission, the child walked on stage, went to the piano bench and started “playing.” The embarrassed mother started toward the child, but the

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The Nature of His Love

I appreciate the comments. The issue of “Free Will” has been raised. Why did God give us Free Will? What would happen if I could build an android that would always love me? I wouldn’t have to do anything for

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How Long Can You Resist God?

I am not trying to resolve great theological debates, I hope to have people think about how they see God and what that does, or might, mean in their lives. With that in mind, let me make some proposals about

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Life’s Mystery – It’s Awesome

The Rush of Everyday Thoughts It is a typical Sunday night and the most routine of tasks. I move around the condo gathering all the trash for the morning pickup. I’ve done this uncounted times before. My mind is off

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