Books and Authors

This page will have information about books and authors who have helped my journey.

Lewis, C.S.

Almost anything by Lewis is wonderful.

  • The Great Divorce
    This is Lewis’s classic allegory of the nature of heaven and hell and the decisions we make that can keep us in hell. He is adamant that it is an exploration of ideas and by no means is it to be taken literally. As a study of human nature it is fascinating.
  • The Screwtape Letters
    How the devil can get us to sin. You’ll find yourself laughing at something and then realizing, “Wow- That’s Me!”

Manning, Brendon, The Ragamuffin Gospel

This book provided the name for the site.  It explores the idea that God’s love for us is unending and persistent.

Young, William P., The Shack

An Interesting allegory on the nature of the Trinity. Not something to be taken literally, but an interesting way of looking at the relationships between the Trinitarian persons of God.


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